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Sangay REMake Jacket
Sangay REMake Jacket
Sangay REMake Jacket
Sangay REMake Jacket
Sangay REMake Jacket
Sangay REMake Jacket
Sangay REMake Jacket
Sangay REMake Jacket

Sangay REMake Jacket

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Coordinates  2°0′9″S 78°20′27″
Location: Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador
Elevation: 5,260 m (17,257 ft)

Unique Item Size Men's XL

Unique and one of a kind denim jacket made with upcycled second-hand jeans and surplus fabric scraps from local denim factories. It’s interior contains a warm lining made in the indigenous community of Otavalo in Ecuador. The traditional indigenous patterns used in our linings infuse our jackets with Andean culture allowing you to take a little piece of the Andes anywhere you go.


  • 100% made from upcycled cotton and excess material from local factories
  • Inside label with the name of the seamstress that made the jacket
  • Warm Otavalo lining with indigenous patterns
  • Interior vertical pocket for sunglasses and essentials
  • Lined exterior side pockets 
  • Buttoned chest pockets
  • Tab-adjustable waist
  • Custom REMU buttons sourced from local producers
  • Designed and produced in Miranda, Northern Ecuadorian Andes 

Size & Fit 

Care Instructions

The REMake Collection is made from a combination of different materials and types of denim so gentle care is necessary. We recommend dry clean or cold water cycles. Hang to dry.

Do not overwash your garments, denim is one of the most durable fabrics out there and overwashing does not only waste water but diminishes your jackets’ lifespan.

Language of name  Quechua
English translation  The Frightener
Coordinates  2°0′9″S 78°20′27″
Location Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador
Elevation  5,260 mt (17,257 ft)


Sangay is an active stratovolcano in central Ecuador. It is the most active volcano in Ecuador, despite erupting only three times in recorded history, because the eruption that started in 1934 is still ongoing.

Text Attribution: Wikipedia - Sangay.  Content under Creative Commons (CC) Photo by Albert Backer - Own work, CC BY 2.5, Link

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