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South America is a predominantly male-centric society that still plagued by gender inequality issues, especially in rural areas. Women have less access to education, making it very rare for them to hold down a job that can sustain their families and provide them with economic independence and equality in their communities. This inequality leads to violence and vulnerability of thousands of women every day.

More than 75% of the workforce in the garment industry are women, who are placed in atrocious work environments, with scarce pay and long hours. As if that was not enough these women's do not get any credit for their amazing work. At REMU our seamstresses are the superstars, this is why each of our products comes with the name of the women who manufactured it.


When you purchase a REMU REMake Jacket, you empower the women who skillfully handcraft it, by providing jobs in marginalized communities in the outskirts of Quito, REMU gives women opportunities to economically provide for their households.