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In November 2017, three friends identified issues within the fashion industry: the amount of natural resources used, planned obsolescence as part of the production process, poor working conditions, and unfair pay. From this conversation, a socially and environmentally responsible, locally sourced apparel company was born out of the determination to change the way the clothing industry works.


Founded in Ecuador, REMU has three core ideals: reduce waste, empower people, and explore the planet. Our goal is to lessen the negative environmental impacts of the clothing industry while at the same time providing jobs and empowering people in marginalized areas of Ecuador. The REMU production model is founded on the concept of upcycling: taking quality clothing no longer in use and making fresh, stylish garments designed for the traveler in all of us.


We strive to implement a meticulous production process that ensures product quality and durability. To do this, REMU partners with dedicated, talented tailors and seamstresses operating out of small workshops in rural areas. Every person that works with us in the production process is a key part of our company and we believe their hard work and talent should be fully recognized. At REMU we stand for fair wages, a healthy work environment, and a positive relationship with our employees.




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Quito, Ecuador