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Our Products

 Produced Ethically

At REMU we abide by the guidelines of Fair Trade and are committed to ensuring the happiness and well-being of our workers. Each REMU product includes the name of the craftsman/woman that made it; we would not exist without the talent of our team and believe it is important to recognize their work.



When you purchase a REMU product, you empower the women who skillfully handcraft them. By providing jobs to marginalized communities living in the rural outskirts of Quito, Ecuador, REMU gives women opportunities to economically provide for their households while being part of a company that cares about them.



At REMU we believe that clothes should be made to last and have a story behind them. We reuse quality clothing that people are no longer able to wear and fabric scraps from factories to create garments that are not only new, but one of a kind. If we are not able to find quality textiles to reuse, we will make sure to use prime quality materials.  



Most brands implement the extremely wasteful “planned obsolescence” model, meaning that they purposefully mass-produce low-quality products that wear out quickly. REMU believes in creating durable products that both reduce the waste produced by the clothing industry and withstand years of use, so you can stay exploring.


 Sourced Locally

Everything we use in our products outside of the reused fabric, such as tags, labels, and threads, are locally produced. This means that when you buy clothing from REMU, you are supporting communities and artisans all over South America.