Tambo Wool Jacket

in White Andes Pattern


Estimated Delivery: 14-21 days.

  •   Limited Edition: 20 or less will be made of this jacket
  •   Made to order
  •   90% Andean wool / 10% cotton 
  •   Vegetable ivory buttons - Tagua
  •   Mandarin collar
  •   Interior vertical pocket for sunglasses and essentials
  •   Label crediting the artisan who manufactured it
  •   Ethically Handcrafted in Miranda, Northern Ecuadorian Andes
  •   Unique Color: slight variation in shade will occur as a result of the use of natural materials 
  •   Dry clean only

As the name suggests, we put our spin on traditional patterns of the Andes region, bringing major character to the standard striped sweater. After falling in love with the centuries-old Nehru jacket design, we decided to create our own as a tribute and have given it an Andean twist. With its sleek, versatile silhouette, our Tambo Jacket was designed to meet your need for elegant style in the office, on a mountain top, or when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. It’s perfect for layering because it’s not too heavy, meaning it will be your go-to for any time you need a light jacket.


The Tambo Jacket is an ultra comfortable blend of 90% Andean wool and 10% cotton. The softness of the wool mixed with the structure of the cotton make for a jacket that keeps its shape no matter how many times you pack it in a suitcase. With locally-sourced thread and buttons made from the Ecuadorian Tagua nut, this is a choice you can feel good about. Due to our use of natural materials, slight color and texture variation can be expected and is part of what makes our products so special.

We work with seamstresses from rural communities to handcraft each of our pieces, enabling them to become independent through their skills and provide for their families. We pay 7% of the price of each of our products directly to the seamstress that manufactured it. 

Additionally, this jacket comes with handcrafted buttons made out of Tagua tree seeds, a native species that grows in the Ecuadorian rainforest. This natural product is widely known as vegetable ivory for its resemblance to animal ivory. Tagua handcrafts are a great option to replace ivory products, by using the seed we are helping to stop elephant hunting.

In 1 year a Tagua tree produces 20 pounds of vegetable ivory, that is equivalent to the amount of ivory a female elephant produces in a lifetime.

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