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Peguche Jacket
Peguche Jacket
Peguche Jacket
Peguche Jacket
Peguche Jacket

Peguche Jacket

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Introducing the newest member of the family, the Pechuge Jacket. Made with classic Andean patterns woven in an extremely comfortable and warm fabric. It is manufactured by the indigenous community of Peguche, outside Otavalo in Ecuador. The traditional indigenous patterns infuse our jackets with Andean culture allowing you to take a little piece of the Andes anywhere you go.


  • Coconut shell buttons sourced from local producers 
  • Interior vertical pocket for sunglasses and essentials
  • Lined exterior side pockets 
  • Designed and produced in Peguche, Northern Ecuadorian Andes
  • Made with super-soft to touch Otavalo fabric (100% acrylic fibers)
  • Details made with upcycled denim

The patterned fabric is not sustainable…for now. We are currently in the search of new and sustainable textiles for a future sustainable Peguche Jacket collection.

Size & Fit 

Care Instructions

The Peguche Jacket is made from a combination of different materials and types of denim so gentle care is necessary. We recommend dry clean or cold water cycles. Hang to dry.

Do not overwash your garments, overwashing does not only waste water but diminishes your jackets’ lifespan.


Ecuador: 1-2 weeks.

Rest of the world: A peguche jacket can take up to 3 weeks from when the order is placed until it is delivered to your door given that they are handmade, that the textiles are hand-picked and that they are shipped all the way from Ecuador.